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Mac Haik is a name that has been in the auto industry for over 30 years. Mac Haik Auto Direct was created to give customers a one of a kind buying experience when it came to buying a preowned car. We provide our customers with the highest quality and lowest priced preowned vehicles available anywhere.  "Taking the Unknown Out of Buying a Car!"

Here at Mac Haik, we offer services that are unparalleled! We have a very large dealership that can house an impressive inventory. Need financing options?  With the full resources of the Mac Haik Automotive Group we have resources that surpass most new car franchise dealerships for financing options.  If there is something you're looking for and we don't have it, we have a team of marketing analysts that are constantly searching for new inventory. We'll find you exactly what you want and/or need!

We are also here to take your old car off your hands. Our excellent staff will assist you in determining how much your car is worth and will give you an offer you can't refuse. We'll beat anyone else's bid. You don't have to buy one of our cars in order for us to buy yours. So, bring your car buy today and find out exactly how much it's worth!

.For more information, please visit our website!  Need an appraisal on your car or even just a buy now offer learn more here.


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"I can truly say that our experience could not have been much better"

Mac Haik Auto Direct
Last updated 5 months ago

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  • I can truly say that our experience could not have been much better. We worked with a sales manager named Dustin he was very helpful Their website made finding the exact car we wanted extremely easy. The photos are very high quality and they show everything. We could tell that if everything was as described, the price for the car was very fair. Some of these reviewers and some of the people we witnessed in the store that day, want to do traditional negotiations for a car when Mac Haik Auto Direct uses the Car Max fixed price model. The sale price are as cheap as we found for the quality. If you want to haggle, go elsewhere. We did not mess around after we inspected and drove the car. My wife wanted it. the price they offered for the trade-in was fair and we happily took it. The finance rate they found us within a few minutes was almost exactly the same good rate available to us from our credit union. We financed through Mac Haik Auto Direct and it was very fast and efficient.  
    John Garcia

"nice, helpful, no pressure"

Mac Haik Auto Direct
Last updated 7 months ago

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  • Courtney, I just had to drop you a line because you were/are so wonderful to deal with!
    First off . . . I absolutely HATE car shopping!
    Usually because of the salesmen (sorry, but it is true). It is always high pressure and push Push PuSh!
    Which in turn makes me feel like I am being taken advantage of because they are trying to get me to "sign on the dotted line" so quickly.  Even a dealership that I went to before seeing you guys . . I took a truck home to test it, cuz I wouldn't sign that night . . I brought it back to them and said no thank you . .  I now get emails (and paper mailings) saying "thank you for buying a Ford"!  They apparently had already assumed that I was going to take delivery of the vehicle BEFORE I signed the agreement.  Unbelievable!
    I did not get any of that at Mac Haik Auto Direct!  It was so nice! And you were such a pleasure to deal with . . nice, helpful, no pressure . . . sat with me in the vehicle after the test drive and said "okay . . . so what exactly are you looking for, does this car have it?" You took time and actually listened to me instead of trying to push me into something. You just don't know how much of a relief that was! Even after the purchase, you are always smiling and willing to help in any way possible. . . you even put my plates on for me today when I went to pick them up!  :)  You are awesome!  Thank  you so much!!!
    Oh . . not to be forgotten . . Stormy was a pleasure to deal with as well.  She was ready and willing to help any time I had a question or needed explanation. And just a personable as you please. I didn't feel like she was trying to push me into anything either . . she sat and was patient with me AND my multitude of questions. . . and even kept smiling!  LOL
    Even when I was sitting and waiting for things to process, everyone else at the dealership was comfortable and nice . . even folks I didn't deal with, came up, shook my hand and thanked me for taking the time to come in. Awesome!  I've never felt so comfortable in a dealership before.
    This is actually the FIRST time I have purchased a vehicle (even with the negative equity that I had in my trade) and NOT felt like I had been taken advantage of when I walked out the door.  Any time I go to see you guys, I always walk out with a good feeling and a smile on my face.
    You guys are awesome! and such a welcome change from the average!  I would gladly endorse you guys ANY day.
    Thank you SO MUCH Courtney! You are the bomb!

    Karen F.

"How could we not buy a car from you?"

Mac Haik Auto Direct
Last updated 7 months ago

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  • Courtney,

    It was such a pleasure meeting you today. You were such a gentleman and answered all our questions and concerns. How could we not buy a car from you?  :)

    We look forward to hearing back from you when our new car is cleaned up and all the minor damage areas that we spoke about are finished as promised. Hoping that the new alignment will solve the pulling to the right that we experienced on the test drive and that the left rear driver's side bottom panel will be tightened up also. We are also grateful for the loaner car that you so seamlessly produced in just minutes for us.

    Linda P.

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Last updated 7 months ago

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